Old man and rotten bananas

Once there was a poor old man who lived in a small town.

One day a stranger appeared on his doorstep and requested him for drinking water. After drinking the water the stranger said that he was very pleased with the way he served a thirsty stranger, so in return he is intending to reward him with a bunch of Bananas. He said it is a rare breed and very tasty.

Old man was very fond of Bananas. He took it in and placed it inside a cupboard. He was very happy and thought of eating one fruit out of the bunch.

Suddenly he noticed a rotten Banana in the bunch. He decided that he will eat that Banana first and from tomorrow he will start eating the good ones. He ate the rotten Banana and closed the cupboard.

Next day he opened the cupboard and noticed that again a Banana was rotted. He decided again to eat that one for the day, so that he can start eating good ones from the next day. This went on and even when there were only two Bananas with one being rotten, he could not make up his mind to eat the good fruit.

He finally finished the whole bunch by eating only the rotten Bananas without even tasting the good ones.

Our life on earth is also like a bunch of Bananas, with each single fruit being a day. Waiting for good days to come calling is like chasing a mirage.

All that matters is what we do TODAY.

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