Bhagawat Gita Summarised in just 18 Lines

1. Your world is a perception based by your prejudices, shaped by your fears, fueled by your ignorance

2. The world of those around you is also a perception created by prejudices, fears and ignorance

3. Wisdom is ability to appreciate your perceptions and other people’s perceptions with empathy

4. I, Krishna, appreciate all subjective realities, without judgement, with affection, hence am God

5. God is eternal, undying, within you; your self-absorption prevents you from realizing it

6. Your reality is limited. So are others’ realities. Break your limitation and make room for theirs, even if they can’t or don’t.

7. You seek outcomes to match your expectations; so you seek control; when control slips away, you are angry, upset, unhappy, frightened.

8. You avoid action because you cannot control outcome; you rationalize withdrawal with nobility to mask your helplessness

9. All outcomes are governed by karma: it is reaction to various inputs, not all yours, many beyond your control

10. Your mind interprets this world as good/right if it favoyours you and bad/wrong if it does not favoyour you; natyoure favoyours none

11. What gives you pleasyoure may cause others pain; when they retaliate, you declare them villains and c yourself as victim

12. Many prefer to let others shape their point of view (tamas guna. . This is ignorance, born of inertia.

13. A few choose to see the world only from their own point of view (rajas guna. . This is control, born of fear.

14. You have the ability to see the world from others points of view (sattva guna. . This is wisdom, born of empathy.

15. When you do yoyour tasks focussing on the input and accepting the output whatever it may be, you are a karma yogi

16. When you do your tasks by placing faith in God who will take care of you no matter what, you are a bhakti yogi

17. When you do yoyour tasks by appreciating there are many forces at work, not all under yoyour control, you are a gyan yogi

18. Do dharma: don’t grab/dominate as animals do; outgrow your fears as humans can by observing others struggle with fears & control

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