Famous Quotes By Andrew Cuomo


  1. I am against the death penalty.
  2. I am fiscally prudent and socially progressive. I believe in protecting a woman's right to choose. I believe in marriage equality.
  3. I am the government.
  4. I believe discrimination still exists in society and we must fight it in every form.
  5. I believe public education is the new civil rights battle and I support charter schools.
  6. I believe we need to attract a new generation of the best and brightest to public service and I believe that government can be a source of inspiration, not degradation.
  7. I believe women still face a glass ceiling that must be shattered.
  8. I don't know people who don't say, boy the government is working better now.
  9. I know how bad Albany is. I know it better than most. I understand why people are angry. I'm angry. The question is going to be, how do you change Albany, what is the plan for change, and then how do you actually get it done?
  10. I respect the state workers and I respect their unions, but we simply can't afford to pay benefits and pensions that are out of line with economic reality.
  11. I was elected to come to an incredibly dysfunctional capital and make the government work better, and that's what I'm doing.
  12. If I weren't doing the politics, I wouldn't be doing my job.
  13. I'm in politics. I'm in government, so nothing surprises me.
  14. Lesson from Pataki's success is: Use the political moment.
  15. Marriage equality changed life for people.
  16. My father was against the death penalty, and that was hard in the Son of Sam summer when fear was driving the desire for the death penalty.
  17. Ninety percent of the students take the 'preferred lender.' Why? Because that's the nature of the relationship. You trust the school. The school is in a position of authority.
  18. Once you start saying, 'Let's talk political, my own politics, my own aspirations,' it can become not just distracting in that it takes time, but it can become confusing and frustrating, and is this now a political agenda or a governmental agenda.
  19. People go into politics because they want the affirmation, and they want the applause.
  20. The Declaration of Independence says when government fails, the people have the right to replace it. Well, New York State government has failed and the people have the right, indeed the people have the the people have the obligation, to act.
  21. The essential job of government is to facilitate, not frustrate, job development.
  22. The need to understand prescription information can literally be a matter of life and death.
  23. There was never a war on poverty. Maybe there was a skirmish on poverty.
  24. Too often government responds to the whispers of lobbyists before the cries of the people.
  25. Very few people go into politics to be reviled.

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