Famous Quotes By Ice Cube


  1. I am only 33, I've got a lot to do. This is the first half of my career. I'm looking forward to the future and I'm proud about the past.
  2. I have great people, smart people that are around me and we love the challenge. I guess it's like climbing a mountain or building a building. It's a challenge but you love every challenge that it brings or presents itself.
  3. I love music. It's freedom, a way to deal with pent-up frustration.
  4. I really appreciate family. I really can't imagine life without them!
  5. I remember wishing there was snow in L.A. And how jealous we used to get of those Christmas specials with kids playing in the snow.
  6. I wake up at 5:30, 6 in the morning, but don't head into the office right away. I like to hang out with my wife, talk about things, get some coffee, you know.
  7. It's funny how people who ain't never been down there can think that America is so fair and that we should be alright. It's funny that the people who have their foot on our neck are telling us, 'Get up. What's wrong with you?'
  8. Music has done a lot to enhance the emotions of sports. It's played in arenas. Whenever there is footage cut together they're always using music. And it goes together, you know.
  9. Our records, if you have a dark sense of humor, were funny, but our records weren't about comedy. They were about protests, fantasy, confrontation and all that.
  10. South Central is just who I am. Even though I have a nice house, nice family, the rest of my generation is still in South Central L.A. My cousins, my brothers, my sisters, they don't wanna move out.
  11. Sports without music is just a game. Music makes it entertaining.
  12. Sports without music, it's nothing but a game. Music adds the emotion.
  13. The best thing I've done with my money is buy a house for my family. You wake up to a house you love and you feel like somebody.
  14. The silver and black may have another home, but the Raiders will always belong to the people of Los Angeles.
  15. There's never really been a real hood Christmas movie.
  16. Truth is the ultimate power. When the truth comes around, all the lies have to run and hide.
  17. We're in this entertainment business really to give the audience what they want.
  18. When I was in N.W.A. and didn't get paid all the money I was owed, that's when the business side of showbiz hit me.

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