Famous Quotes By Mehmet Oz


  1. A lot of folks believe their best years are behind them. But I want Americans to recognize that's not true.
  2. At the end of the day, sleep is a barometer of your emotional health. And so if you're not in the right place where you need to be, then you're going to have voices keeping you up at night because you have to work through those issues.
  3. Biology always beats will power.
  4. Food - I love nuts. I eat them all the time, they're easy to carry around, and I am never hungry all day long.
  5. Food is no longer sacred to us: in becoming too efficient we've changed its nature.
  6. I get up at the same time every morning.
  7. I get up in the morning and do a seven-minute yoga workout. I know the most likely time I'm going to do something is when I first get up, and I make it short because, like you, I don't really want to do that first thing in the morning.
  8. I like shows that have some level of intelligence to them. When it's not as predictable, when you don't know what's coming at you.
  9. I saw many people who had advanced heart disease and I was so frustrated because I knew if they just knew how to do the right thing, simple lifestyle and diet steps, that the entire trajectory of their life and health would have been different.
  10. In my business, if I get too close to you and you die, it hurts me. And so you develop a natural inclination not to be close to the patient, so that if things don't work out ideally, you can still get up the next day and care for the next patient.
  11. In Turkey, you're not allowed to be left alone in the hospital. The nurse teaches the family how to do things, and somebody is always there with the patient.
  12. It's difficult to love someone you don't respect, which is hard to remember when you're having an argument.
  13. Most food you drop is still perfectly edible. If it was in your eyesight the whole time, you can pick it up and eat it.
  14. No matter how old you are, no matter how much you weigh, you can still control the health of your body.
  15. The opposite of anger is not calmness, its empathy.
  16. There are a lot of food Nazis in the U.S., but I believe if you can show people what's really important, they'll judge the rest for themselves.
  17. True health care reform cannot happen in Washington. It has to happen in our kitchens, in our homes, in our communities. All health care is personal.
  18. We are spending most of our time in American health care fixing the mistakes that either we in the profession are causing or our patients are, without recognizing it, causing to themselves.
  19. We don't need sugar to live, and we don't need it as a society.
  20. We don't walk. We overeat because we've made it easy to overeat. We have fast-food joints on every corner. By the way, the 'we' is all of us. It's not the government. It's all of us doing this together.
  21. Women are much more sensitive. We know that emotionally but their organs respond to the same degree.
  22. You don't have a family doctor anymore like you did when you were a kid, who treated you throughout your life.
  23. You get the health benefits of coffee up through about the first twenty-four ounces. It's the biggest source of antioxidants for Americans, and we think it helps prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's as well.

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