Famous Quotes By J. C. Watts


  1. Everything I am I owe to my faith and secondly to parents who were old school.
  2. Good policy makes good politics and what I've done has been good politics.
  3. I am willing to compete on my merits and on my character - not with the color of my skin. We talk about being a color-blind society, but I don't think the political process could actually handle that.
  4. I have often said one of the reasons more blacks don't support Republicans is because they don't trust the GOP establishment.
  5. I never got into politics for it to be a career. It doesn't take a lot of strength to hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go.
  6. I never got into politics for it to be a career.
  7. I would love to be associated with some sports organization. I was a journalism major. That's kind of intriguing, to do something in the political-commentary arena.
  8. I'm looking forward to the day when America will mature to the point that we are a color-blind society. I'm not so sure that in politics that will ever be reality, because politics has a way of separating us based on skin color.
  9. In 1989 when I switched from Democrat to Republican, with God as my witness, not one thing changed about what I believed about one man and one woman in a marriage or about diversity of color. That's a good thing.
  10. In addition, there is one title I cherish a great deal more than Congressman and that is the title of... Dad.
  11. In my wildest imagination, I never thought that the fifth of six children born to Helen and Buddy Watts - in a poor black neighborhood, in the poor rural community of Eufaula, Oklahoma - would someday be called Congressman.
  12. Individual responsibility, hard work, paying attention in school, faith, family all these things are important.
  13. It doesn't take a lot of strength to hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go.
  14. My work in the House of Representatives, at this time in my life, is completed. It is time to return home.
  15. Some might think that George W. Bush had his shortcomings, but let me tell you something - history's going to be kind to George W. Bush.
  16. The establishment wonders why we can't get more of the black vote. It's because it's not doing the things necessary to establish a deeper relationship with the black community. Most black people don't think alike. Most black people just vote alike.The measure of a man is not how great his faith is, but how great his love is. We must not let government programs disconnect our souls from each other.
  17. The strength of America is not in Washington.
  18. There's a whole lot more to the African-American community than entertainment and sports.
  19. We need to remember that politics is all about people, not programs. We shouldn't want to take the humanness out of the political arena.

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