Famous Quotes By James Dyson


  1. Anger is a good motivator.
  2. Arbitrary benchmarks cheat kids out of a fulfilling education.
  3. Beauty can come in strange forms.
  4. Britain's great strength is its innovative, design and engineering natural ability and we're not using it.
  5. Business is constantly changing, constantly evolving.
  6. China has all the advantages in the world. But it doesn't have a history of free thinking, risk-taking pioneers - the kind of people the U.S. is built upon.
  7. Design and technology should be the subject where mathematical brainboxes and science whizzkids turn their bright ideas into useful products.
  8. Engineering undergraduates should not be charged fees. They should receive grants, not student loans, and the government will get the money back long-term from increased exports.
  9. Enjoy failure and learn from it. You can never learn from success.
  10. Failure is an enigma. You worry about it, and it teaches you something.
  11. Fear is always a good motivator.
  12. I don't design down to a price.
  13. I don't do something necessarily to make a big profit or because it's a logical business decision.
  14. I don't particularly follow the Bauhaus school of design, where you make everything into a black box - simplify it.
  15. I hate science fiction.
  16. I think if you have to pay for your education, you worry very seriously about you're going to do when you've got your degree.
  17. I think people are realizing that engineering and science are extremely good degrees to get and you'll be very highly paid once you've got them.
  18. If you really want to improve technology, if you want things to work better and be better, you've got to protect the person who spends a lot of effort, money, and time developing that new technology.
  19. I'm not into politics but I am committed to a cause: ensuring design technology and engineering stays on the U.K. curriculum, alongside science and maths - grounding abstract theory, merging the practical with the academic.
  20. In the digital age of 'overnight' success stories such as Facebook, the hard slog is easily overlooked.
  21. My interest in film is sort of catholic - apart from science fiction and horror movies, I'll watch almost everything.
  22. People will make leaps of faith and get excited by your product if you just get it in front of them.
  23. So I think the winners in recession are the people who produce new technology that does things better, which people really want.
  24. The media thinks that you have to make science sexy and concentrate on themes such as rivalry and the human issues.
  25. The way the world is going, it's technology driven. And it isn't just driven by the old super powers, it's driven by the far east and new emerging economies.
  26. The wonderful thing about Apple technology is just how intuitive it is.
  27. Today, computers are almost second nature to most of us.
  28. When decisions on nuclear power stations and runways are delayed and the government dilly-dallies, people think they aren't important.
  29. When you say 'design,' everybody thinks of magazine pages. So it's an emotive word. Everybody thinks it's how something looks, whereas for me, design is pretty much everything.

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