Famous Quotes By Shia LaBeouf


  1. A relationship to me is never about the romance.
  2. At this point I have enough money to live 25 lifetimes. You couldn't spend the money I've accrued now.
  3. Comics, for me, is being able to sing alone in the shower. I find it freeing. You just pick up a pen and get to it.
  4. I come from divorce. I'm only doing marriage once. It's not a game for me.
  5. I didn't know my dad for a long time. My dad was on drugs and my dad was at the VA Hospital, my dad was off in his own world selling drugs or using them or there would be crack heads in the house or whatever it would be.
  6. I don't know, I just want to be happy. I could be in a hole somewhere. Or I could completely lose it and be some hippy living in the woods with my dad.
  7. I enjoy what I'm able to give my family.
  8. I just wish the crowd I was associated with was more passionate about what they were doing and less consumed with the commerce of the art form.
  9. I like messing around, and I like working with artists who I respect.
  10. I think, my generation, it's hard to have hope when you got a $700-trillion derivatives debt to pay and a bubble about to explode and $500 trillion worth of GDP.
  11. I turned down twelve films last year... Huge money films, but I had no respect for the writer or the work.
  12. I want my audience to know me for my work, not because of who I'm dating or what drugs I'm on or what club I went to.
  13. I was always raised on cowboy films, and then when I could start making choices about the movies I wanted to watch I found myself wanting to watch gangster films which were slightly more sophisticated than the baseline stuff that was in westerns.
  14. I was in a relationship with a girl I loved for three years. Where do you go after three years? Then you've got to start thinking about other things, and I'm too young to think about those things.
  15. If I have enough money to eat I'm good.
  16. I'm a video game fan, and I always thought it would be cool to be able to control a character.
  17. I'm not a strikingly handsome guy, but I'm in movies.
  18. I've been in fights, but that doesn't make me cool or like a tough guy or more interesting actor, I'm not proud of it.
  19. I've had to deal with all different types of situations - positive and negative and extremes of both.
  20. I've spent more on my Dodger tickets that I did on my car.
  21. Knowledge about the economy, ideas about capitalism and government, the future of the world and geopolitics were things I was never really interested in.
  22. My dad is a motorcycle guy, not some Hollywood dude.
  23. My family, my parents are hippies.
  24. My family's lineage is five generations of artists who never made it.
  25. My generation will actually be the first generation that is tamer than the one that came before it, and it will probably be poorer less fun and less money.
  26. My mom is at my house every day, and she nags me about everything, especially hygiene.
  27. My mom is the backbone not just of my family but of many families.
  28. Nobody makes movies like Oliver Stone.
  29. So it's kind of nervous to be in this situation, but at the same time you look at all those actors and the work that they've done, I've been in bigger films than all of them and still kept my integrity and still kept my respect.
  30. The best movies are simple.
  31. The comic book world is a tough business.
  32. There's only so far you can take a relationship before you got to get into things that are too serious or over the top.
  33. They're very, uh, you know, I don't come from the suburbs and a jolly, Disney type of lifestyle. I come from something totally different. And they're cool and bare minimum so it's not always a money issue for me.
  34. To be able to sit in Donald Trump's apartment and talk about the future of corporate real estate was amazing.
  35. Well, there's different shades of Hollywood, sure. I mean, I'm working in this business but I'm not Hollywood.
  36. What's cool is when you're able to give your audience imagination and you don't have to cage them in like animals.
  37. When people ask me about my story, I just go through the positive stuff: the tent-pole moments, the big landmark checkpoints.
  38. When you look at golf films before us they're all - garbage or satire. A lot of sports films tend to vilify the opposition. Where the opposition becomes this big angry monster, so big you can't beat him.
  39. You can't buy back your respect you can't buy back your career. You only get one, so I don't want to mess that up.

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